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Conservatories Templecombe

If you need another room for a home office, home gym, or living room, then a conservatory is perfect for you. Installing a conservatory can provide you with extra space so you don’t need to move home. We offer a range of conservatory styles so you can find a style that will suit your requirements. 

We provide traditional conservatory styles, such as Lean To, Victorian, Edwardian, Gable and P-Shaped. Alternatively, you can choose our bespoke manufacturing service, which allows you to design a conservatory that exactly matches your requirements. 

Our team are here to help you design your dream conservatory, so feel free to contact us for any advice. 

Features & Benefits

Design Selection

Make your conservatory your own by adding a standard box gutter for hip-back roofs. You can also choose our build-up box guttering option for lean-to conservatories, which can help roofs with height restrictions. 


Let fresh air into your conservatory to help regulate the temperature. We provide roof vents that can be installed in your conservatory so the air can circulate the space. Depending on your preference, these can be manually operated or electric or rain sensor operated. 


We offer a variety of colour options so you can match your conservatory to your property. From Heritage woodgrain options to unique order colour options, there is a colour option for any type of homeowner. Create a seamless blend from your conservatory to your home, or create a bespoke feature. Additionally, you can choose our matching ancillaries trims and colour match roofs with the frames. 


The customisable options don’t stop at our colour options. Our selection of glazing includes polycarbonate colours and self-cleaning glass. We also offer a range of anti-sun glass in different shades to match your design. 


Choose our accessories for the final finishing touches. Make your conservatory your own and work with your lifestyle.

High Quality Service

Our team are experienced and skilled in installing conservatories. We ensure our conservatories are made to your specifications to ensure a perfect fit. This will then provide your conservatory with durability, thermal insulation and security so it can last for years to come.

Classic Conservatory Designs

If you are looking for a traditional style conservatory, then consider our Victorian design. The Victorian design is one of our most popular designs, as it is highly versatile and can blend in with most properties. This conservatory style features a bay front, which has a pitched roof and sleek ridge details. It also comes with three fascets and a curved design, along with three main windows, providing large amounts of natural light into the conservatory. 

We also offer the Edwardian style. This style has a traditional charm but is sleek. It provides more floor space, making it perfect if you want to use the conservatory as a living or dining room. 

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Conservatory Styles For Larger Homes

For longer homes, a P shaped conservatory may be the best option. This conservatory style is a can with three or five faceted, depending on the size of your exterior space. There are a range of styles to choose from, so you can design this conservatory in different directions.

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Elegant Conservatory Designs

Gable Conservatories are known for their elegant designs and high angled roofs. They can come either square or rectangular, which can provide a large amount of space inside. The windows are elevated and can extend into the apex. 

Lean-to conservatories are considered more classic due to their clean and modern lines. They are recognisable by their low-pitched roof, which can work well for bungalows or properties with a lower height restriction. 

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Conservatory Prices Templecombe

Enhance your Templecombe home with our conservatories. We have a large selection of conservatories to choose from, so we are sure there will be a style that will suit your requirements. 

Get started with the process today by using our online quoting engine. Alternatively, you can contact our team using our online contact form or by giving us a call on 01747 860085, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

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