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Roof Lanterns Gillingham

Our roof lanterns are the perfect way to let natural light flood into your Gillingham home, giving the illusion of a larger, brighter space. The sleek, minimalist design of our ridge bar cover cap eliminates the need for fussy crestings or finials, while our uPVC roof lanterns are more cost-effective than aluminium skylights without sacrificing thermal efficiency, security or performance. You can further customize your look with our various customization options, making our roof lanterns ideal for flat-roofed extensions, kitchen renovations, orangeries, new builds or garage conversions. In short, Elite Windows’ roof lanterns are the perfect choice for any project.

Features & Benefits

Energy Efficient

The Gillingham roof lantern has been put through independent tests by the British Fenestration Rating Council, and it boasts a U-value of 1.0. This is the lowest value that can be achieved with this type of system, making the Gillingham the most energy efficient roof lantern on the market. It has excellent thermal energy performance and an A++ rating.

Small Footprint

Our company is committed to creating a smaller carbon footprint. One way we do this is by raising the angle of our roof lanterns to 35°. This lowers the environmental impact of our business and of our customers. In addition, the higher pitch provides better thermal performance, resulting in savings for our customers over time.

Range of Sizes

At Elite, we offer two custom-sized options: a two-bar or three-bar pitched gable. The two-bar design can be manufactured for sizes up to 1.5m x 6.5m. The three-bar pitched gable can be made for sizes ranging from 1.5m x 6.5m up to 2.75m x 8.7m.

Pitched Roof

When choosing a skylight for a small room, a 20-degree pitch is a great way to add height and volume. The angle of the skylight provides a wide, even distribution of light, creating a beautiful aesthetic in any space.

Peace of Mind

When you purchase the Gillingham roof lantern, you can be confident that it is built to last. The lantern is made from high-quality materials and comes with a standard 10-year product guarantee, so you can rest assured that it will provide reliable performance for many years to come. Whether you’re looking for a stylish addition to your home or a practical way to let in natural light, the Gillingham roof lantern is an excellent choice.


As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers, businesses that provide eco-friendly products are in high demand. Customers want to know that the materials in their products can be recycled, and that their purchase helps support sustainability initiatives. businesses that use 100% recyclable materials are seen as environmentally responsible, and are able to tap into a growing market of sustainability-conscious consumers. Not only do eco-friendly products boost a company’s reputation, but they also provide an opportunity for businesses and customers to support sustainability initiatives.

Bespoke Roof Lanterns

Our beautiful framed roof lanterns come in a range of styles and colors, perfect for adding a touch of class to any Gillingham home. With two or three bar gable pitched styles available, as well as a variety of colors including subtle shades and striking tones, we’re sure to have the perfect option for you. Our high-quality materials are designed to ensure your roof lanterns seamlessly blend into your home and become a truly integral part of your interior design.


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Innovative Designs

The square roof lantern is a simple, efficient design that lets in more natural light than other roof lantern designs. The unobstructed glazed area and narrow profile frame allow light to flood into your home, making it brighter and more inviting. The versatile design is perfect for any style of home, from new builds to heritage homes. We can easily install square roof lanterns into all types of conservatories, orangeries or properties. No matter what your needs are, we’ll be able to accommodate you with the perfect roof lantern.


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Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Round

Gillingham’s thermal roof lanterns are a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and brighten up your living space. The glazing in these lanterns is designed to deflect sunlight in the summer and retain heat in the winter, reducing heat loss from your home. In addition to improved energy efficiency, a roof lantern can also help you save money on your heating bills in the winter.


Roof Lanterns Frome

Roof Lantern Prices, Gillingham and the Surrounding Areas

A roof lantern is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and natural light to your home. There is a wide variety of roof lanterns in terms of size, color, and finish, so you are sure to find one that fits your home perfectly. In addition, roof lanterns are highly energy efficient and provide great natural lighting. Our online generator makes it easy to get an instant quotation for your roof lantern. Installation is easy with our designs. Our friendly and experienced customer service team is always available to chat if you have any questions or concerns.

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