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Solid Conservatory Roofs Salisbury

At Elite Fascias, we offer solid conservatory roofing solutions to keep your Salisbury home dry and warm all year round. Featuring a wide range of options designed to perfectly complement the look of your property, our innovative designs provide reliable insulation, weather protection and natural lighting. Our solid conservatory roofs are designed to be as attractive as they are high-performing and we are proud to offer adaptable solutions that can fit any shape and style, from Edwardian, Gable Ends and Victorian styles to bespoke solid conservatory roofs tailor-made for your home. Let us provide you with the right solid conservatory roofing solution for you and your Salisbury property.

Features & Benefits

Fully Insulated

Using timber for solid conservatory roofing is advantageous as it offers a protective insulation layer, lowering condensation and curbing damp accumulation. This is far better than other materials as it produces a stronger seal and offers significant insulation from the elements.

Energy Efficient

Elite’s solid conservatory roofs provide unbeatable insulation, with a U Value of 0.14Wm2 – the highest achievable rating in the industry. You can enjoy a warm, cosy conservatory space no matter the weather, thanks to the superior protection this market-leading insulation provides against heat loss.

Regulation Compliant

Our solid conservatory roofs have had a thorough evaluation of their strength and heat retention capability to ensure they meet, or exceed, the heat retention and stability standards of Building Regulations.

Perfect Replacement

Our solid conservatory roofs are crafted out of roofing grade timber and offer a replacement option to glass or polycarbonate roofs that are of higher durability. Designed and engineered to withstand various temperatures and environmental changes, these solid conservatory roofs are dependable.


A felt membrane with waterproof and air permeable properties is installed in your home to provide protection from the weather.

Quick Installation Times

We strive to ensure that our solid conservatory roof installations are as easy and efficient as possible. We recognize how intrusive these can be, so we do our best to ensure the task runs with minimal disruption, and always maintain the highest standards of quality.

Bespoke Colours

At Elite, we offer customised solid conservatory roofs for Salisbury-based homes. Our structures provide a range of plastering, uPVC/timber cladding, roof vents, lowered ceilings and surface mounts that offer a variety of different looks – airy, brightly illuminated or classically traditional. Further customisation is available for those who seek the natural beauty of sunlight with our BBA-accredited lightweight tiles and slates. They’re designed to withstand corrosion, warping, cracking and fading, for long-lasting quality.



Solid Conservatory Roof Prices

Upgrade To A Tiled Roof

Our tiled solid conservatory roofs for people living in Salisbury are specially designed to create optimal comfort and energy efficiency in a range of climates. With additive durability to combat the elements outside, these solid conservatory roofs can withstand extreme temperatures and severe weather – keeping your conservatory warm and inviting throughout the year. Not only are these solid conservatory roofs entirely reliable, their energy efficiency also helps to lower your heating bills. To further ensure outstanding quality, they come with an extensive 10 year guarantee. All these features combined create a highly durable and energy efficient solution.


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 Stylish Designs

A solid conservatory roof from our company is an excellent way to increase the value of your property in Salisbury and provide you with additional living space. Whether you’d prefer to use it as a dining area, play area, or even just as a place to relax, our solid conservatory roofs come in a variety of designs and colors, ranging from more conventional tones to more daring statement colors. At our company, we are dedicated to helping you design a conservatory that both enhances your home and provides you with a beautiful, practical living space.

Our innovative solid conservatory roofing systems feature a patented protection, providing assurance that they are designed and produced in Great Britain. These solid conservatory roofing systems are intensively inspected and verified by JHAI, a government-approved building control organisation, to ensure they meet superior standards. As a result, customers have a secure guarantee that their solid conservatory roofing system will satisfy all their needs.







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Replacement Conservatory Roof Prices Salisbury

Enhance your Salisbury conservatory to be enjoyable all year-round with a solid solution from Elite Facsias. Our solid conservatory roofs provide improved insulation to keep temperatures more consistent, plus superior acoustics due to reduced echo compared to glass or poly-carbonate. In many cases, planning permission isn’t required as long as the existing conservatory’s footprint and height remain the same. Get a free, instant quote from our online quote generator, and then speak with one of our customer service reps who will guide you through the process of selecting a new solid conservatory roof that meets your needs. Our solid conservatory roofs are perfect for any style of conservatory, from Lean To, Edwardian, Gable End to Victorian. Get your free, instant quote now.

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