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Solid Conservatory Roofs Sherborne

Our solid conservatory roofs can be designed to complement your existing roof or create a unique feature. They come in Edwardian, Gable End, Victorian, Lean To, or bespoke designs. Due to our multiple customisable options, you have complete control over how your conservatory roof will look. 

Upgrade your conservatory roof with our solid roofs to restore it to its original benefits. Help your conservatory become a space you can use all year round to entertain guests or your family. 

Features & Benefits

Thermal Insulation

Our solid conservatory roofs are designed with insulated materials to help prevent condensation or dampness from entering the conservatory. This will help protect your conservatory during the cold and wet seasons, so you don’t have to worry about expensive upkeep or damage.

Low U Values

Due to their insulating properties, our conservatory roofs can achieve low U-values from 0.14Wm2. Your conservatory can help regulate the temperature around the room so it doesn’t become too hot or cold during the different seasons.

Regulation Compliant

To ensure our solid conservatory roofs comply with current Building Regulations, their structural and thermal performances are tested rigorously.

Replacement Service

We provide solid conservatory roofs manufactured with roof-grade timber. This material is ideal for replacing your current glass or polycarbonate conservatories, giving your conservatory a new look that will enhance its visual appeal.

Weather Protection

To protect your conservatory from the changing weather conditions we experience in the UK, our conservatory roofs come with a waterproof air permeable felt membrane.

Fast Installation Times

We know the home improvement process can be demanding and a hassle at times. That’s why we have designed our solid conservatory roof installation process to be as quick and easy as it can be. We will ensure we can take as few days as possible out of your time so you can enjoy your restored conservatory sooner rather than later.

Customisable Options

At Elite Fascias, we make it easy for you to design a solid conservatory roof that works with your existing conservatory and property. We provide a variety of colours to choose from. Our tiles and stales are BBA accredited and provide many benefits, such as weatherproofing and durability. 

One of our customisable options is to plaster the inside of your conservatory so it can feel more airy or brighter. For traditional homes, you can consider uPVC or timber cladding to enhance the appearance. 

Installing roof vents can add more light and ventilation to your conservatory. We also provide options that minimise the light or make it within the surface. 

Solid Conservatory Roofs Templecombe

Want Something Different?

We also provide a tiled conservatory roof option if that is what you favour. Tiled conservatory roofs can also help increase your conservatory’s thermal efficiency. With their insulated materials, they can regulate the temperature and reduce energy wastage. 

Our tiled conservatory roofs are durable, so they can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for decades to come. Worry less about maintenance, and enjoy more time with your friends and family in your conservatory. 

tiled conservatory roof sherborne

Why Work With Elite Fascias

Here at Elite Fascias, we work with trusted suppliers to ensure our solid conservatory roofs meet the highest standards. We are accredited by multiple companies and have 5-star reviews from our previous customers to prove we are the best company for you. We work with homeowners who are based in Sherborne, Mere, and the surrounding areas. 

We offer a replacement conservatory roof service so you can transform your conservatory. Our conservatory roofs come in a range of styles and can match the tiles of your property to create a seamless transition. 

However, we also install our conservatory roofs onto brand new conservatories, so if you have a project in mind, contact our team, and we will be happy to help you transform your living space. 

Solid Conservatory Roofs Sherborne Cost

Solid Conservatory Roofs Prices Sherborne

Elevate your Sherborne conservatory with our solid conservatory roofs. We offer a variety of styles and colours to help you design a conservatory roof that will complement your conservatory greatly. 

Feel free to use our online quoting engine to get a free quote. Here, you can choose your style and input your dimensions, and we will return with your personalised quote. 

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team directly by using our online contact form or by giving us a call on 01747 860085

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