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Solid Conservatory Roofs Shaftesbury

At Elite Fascias, we’re proud to offer our Shaftesbury customers high-quality solid conservatory roofs that are designed to perfectly match the existing roofs on their homes. We offer a variety of styles and options to choose from, all of which are designed to provide supreme levels of insulation and ultimate weather protection. Our innovative designs also increase natural lighting, making your home an even more enjoyable place to be. No matter the shape or style of your conservatory, we have the perfect solid conservatory roofing system to match and compliment it.

Features & Benefits

Fully Insulated

When designing a roof with timber, it is important to keep in mind the insulation properties of the material to prevent the risk of condensation and damp build up. Unlike other materials on the market, timber is a great insulator and will keep your solid conservatory roof cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This will help to prevent any moisture from seeping in and causing damage to your Shaftesbury home.

Energy Efficient

Elite’s solid conservatory roofs boast a ‘U Value’ of 0.14Wm2, one of the highest in the industry. This means that your conservatory space will be well insulated and comfortable year-round, thanks to the solid conservatory roof’s design.

Regulation Compliant

Our solid conservatory roofs have been designed to meet and exceed the current Building Regulation requirements for structure stability and heat retention. Our solid conservatory roofs have been put through rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand any condition, providing your Shaftesbury home with a safe and comfortable space all year round.

Perfect Replacement

This means that they are much better at insulating your conservatory, making it a more comfortable space to spend time in all year round. They will also protect your furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays.


An air permeable felt membrane is installed in your home to defend it from the weather. The membrane is made of felted material which means it is composed of matted, entangled, and condensed fibers. This provides a barrier against air and water while still allowing the passage of water vapor. The installation of this type of membrane is a simple and efficient way to protect your Shaftesbury home from the elements.

Quick Installation Times

Our goal is to make our solid conservatory roof installations as efficient and seamless as possible. We know it can be disruptive, so we work hard to finish the job quickly while always upholding our high standards of quality.

Bespoke Colours

Choose from a variety of our solid conservatory roofs to perfectly suit your Shaftesbury property. You can customize it by adding solid conservatory roof vents for more light and ventilation, choosing to plaster the inside for an airy or bright feel, or going for more of a traditional look with uPVC or timber cladding. For even more light and ventilation, add roof vents. You can also choose from a variety of BBA accredited, lightweight tiles and slates in a range of stunning colors. All of our tiles and slates are tested for weatherproofing, meaning we can guarantee your solid conservatory roof will not suffer from corrosion, warping, cracking or fading.



Solid Conservatory Roof Prices

Upgrade To A Tiled Roof

With a tiled solid conservatory roof from our company, you can enjoy great insulation for your Shaftesbury home with a 10 year guarantee. This solid conservatory roofing system is designed to keep your home feeling warm during colder months and cooler in the summer, so you can use your conservatory year-round without feeling uncomfortable. Tiled solid conservatory roofs are also a great way to reduce your heating bills and save money due to their energy efficiency. Our solid conservatory roofing systems have been tested and perform well even in extreme weather conditions.


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 Stylish Designs

A conservatory is a great way to add value and extra space to your Shaftesbury home. Whether you want to use it as a dining room, playroom, or simply somewhere to relax, a conservatory is a versatile addition to any home. While many conservatories can be an eyesore, our solid conservatory roofs are designed to be a stylish and practical addition to your home. With a variety of designs and color options available, we can help you create a conservatory that perfectly suits your home. The protection on our innovative solid conservatory roofing systems guarantees that you are receiving a proven original British designed product. The solid conservatory roofs have been independently tested and certified by JHAI, an accredited national building control approvals agency.



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Replacement Conservatory Roof Prices, Shaftesbury and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re looking to improve your Shaftesbury conservatory and make it more comfortable year-round, replacing the roof with a solid option from Elite Facsias is a great choice. You’ll enjoy better insulation and temperature regulation, as well as improved acoustics due to theecho that is often present in conservatories with glass or polycarbonate roofs. In many cases, you won’t need planning permission to make this change, as long as the overall footprint and height of the conservatory stay the same. To get started, simply get a quote from our online quote generator. One of our friendly customer service representatives will then walk you through the design and installation process, discussing style, accessories and colour options with you.

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