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Aluminium Bifold Doors Gillingham

Brighten up your Gillingham home with our stunning range of aluminium bifold doors. The innovative opening configurations will create a versatile installation, offering a seamless transition between home and garden. These aluminium doors can be customised to perfectly fit your personal style and specifications of your home.

Our aluminium bifold doors have many benefits aside from looking visually appealing. They deliver superior levels of security and thermal performance. Every detail is considered when it comes to the manufacturing of our bifolding doors. We fit durable double glazing as standard to offer continuous insulation. The framework will also act as a barrier against adverse weather conditions.

Elite Fascias have over 25 years of experience in the double glazing industry and employ professional tradespeople to carry out our door installations. With our range of aluminium bifold doors, you are guaranteed quality and a long lasting high performance. Start your new home improvement project today by using our online pricing engine.

Features & Benefits

Unique Living Area

The way these door sashes fold open and close is highly unique, allowing you to enjoy a unique profile in your Gillingham home. You have full control over how these aluminium bifold doors look and operate. Choose from left, right, outward, or inward configurations. Once the door is open, the sashes can neatly stack so they don’t obtrude, ideal for smaller spaces.


Our aluminium bifold doors are highly versatile and come in a range of configurations. We offer 2-8 sashes for our door, ensuring they perfectly fit into your Gillingham home. All our installations are totally bespoke so that you can design your dream bifold door, and we can bring your visions to life when it comes to the bespoke installation.

Weather Performance

You can have total confidence in our aluminium bifold doors as they are designed to adapt to even the worst weather conditions. Aluminium is one of the most durable materials on the market and will the structurally integrity. Both the aluminium profile and double glazing can protect your property against water ingress and unwelcome draughts.

Low Maintenance

Unlike uPVC or timber alternatives, our aluminium bifold doors are low maintenance and don’t get damaged over the years. Aside from keeping the glass clean, you only have to wipe down the frame to ensure they stay looking as good as the day we install them. We recommend every four to five months, getting a damp cloth with hot water to clean the aluminium frame.

Versatile Design

Whether you want to look for something authentically traditional with a woodgrain finish or something more contemporary, there are lots of unique ways you can design your aluminium bifold doors. We offer dual colour options, as well, if you want to choose different colours for each side of the frame. This allows you to enhance both inside and outside of your Gillingham home.

Slim Sightlines

Due to the natural strength of aluminium, you can enjoy a narrower frame, allowing us to fit in a wider expanse of glazing surfaces. No matter the time of year, you can enjoy panoramic views of your exterior space. The double glazing we install will also utilise flood your home with natural daylight, making it a more welcoming area.

Advanced Security

We know safety is a priority, which is why all our aluminium bifold doors are approved by Secured by Design. Meeting all industry standards, these doors are fitted with multi-point locks and shootbolts on the floating mullions.

Alongside the durable hinges, you can rest assured that our aluminium bifold doors will keep your home, family and belongings safe. To ensure that our doors will protect your property, the locking systems go through rigorous assessments to ensure they can fend off intruders.


Aluminium Bifold Doors Quotes Gillingham

Thermal Efficiency

Although our aluminium bifold doors bring you stunning views of your garden, they will also keep the cold air out. We fit double glazing as standard into our bifold doors to retain as much natural heat as possible. This will also minimise the risk of heat loss. The outer pane will eliminate the risk of solar gain to stop your Gillingham home from overheating.

When aluminium is thermally broken, it creates a naturally continuous seal around the profile. Our aluminium bifold doors separate your comfortable home from the cold air outside. Your new aluminium doors are designed to improve the energy efficiency of your space. You will find that you will rely less on your heating which could lower your energy bills.

Aluminium Bifold Doors Gillingham

Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Gillingham

Modernise your property with our premium aluminium bifold doors. The striking visual appearance of our bifolding doors will completely transform how you use the space. Start your next project today by using our online quote generator. Enter your specifications and preferred style to generate an instant quote.

Customer service is a priority for us as a family-run company. We appreciate that you may have further queries about our products, services and prices. Get in touch with us by using our online contact form or by calling us on 01747 860085.

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