Why Spring is the best time to replace your windows?

why is spring the best time to replace your windows

Spring is here. 

As the days get longer, brighter, and warmer, you may be considering replacing your windows. You may want to change their style, replace them due to damage, or change their colour. 

In this article, we will discuss why Spring is the best time to replace your windows and what benefits new windows will bring to your home. 


Why Replace Your Windows Instead Of Buying New?

Replacing your windows instead of buying new ones is a cost-effective way to enhance your home. Depending on how your current windows were built or designed, you may be able to easily replace the frames or glazing with a new design. 

On the other hand, replacing your windows, instead of buying new ones, allows you to keep the style of your home. This is ideal for homeowners who are in love with their home’s look but need to upgrade to modern benefits. 


Why Replace Your Windows In Spring?

Below, we will discuss why Spring is the best time to replace your windows. 


More Natural Light

A great benefit of upgrading your windows is that you could have more natural light in the home. As mentioned before, Spring typically has brighter and longer days, which makes it easier to assess how much light will enter the room. When it is naturally lighter, you can decide whether you would like a window with a larger glazing-to-frame ratio or if you need to change the style of glazing. 


Better Weather Conditions

During the Winter or even Summer, there may be reasons why the installation process has to go on hold. From it being too wet or windy to delays in getting supplies, there can be a range of problems on the day. Spring tends to be calmer, which can increase the chances of a smoother installation process, so you can have a hassle-free process. 


Energy Efficiency

Another reason spring is a good time to replace your windows is that you can reduce the waste of your heating. Since you won’t be heating or cooling your home, there won’t be any wasted energy during the installation process. This means you can keep your energy costs down while still upgrading your windows to prepare for future colder months. 


Why Work With Elite Fascias?

At Elite Fascias, we install a wide range of double glazing windows which can transform your home. Our selection includes classic casement windows, sliding sash, tilt and turn windows and more. We offer both uPVC and aluminium windows, so you can design a window that will suit your requirements. We work in Mere and the surrounding areas, so if you are looking to replace your windows, contact our team today. 


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Replace your windows with Elite Fascias. Our online quoting engine can provide you with a free personalised quote on any of our window selections. Alternatively, you can use our contact form or give us a call, and one of the team will be happy to help.

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