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Composite Doors Gillingham

The demand for composite doors in Gillingham and its surroundings is on the rise thanks to their excellent security, energy efficiency, aesthetically customisable options, and durability. Built using strong composites like uPVC, timber, and GRP, these doors require little maintenance, promising years of use. It’s no surprise why homeowners are increasingly favouring composite doors for their properties.

Any Gillingham property can be given an attractive rustic charm with a composite door, as well as gaining the modern benefits of uPVC and a choice of colours and options. These doors also offer stylish glazing details that can really make a difference to the look of a home.

Features & Benefits

Frame Options

Element Composite Doors provide a modern, sleek look with their chamfered design that connects the trim and frame of the door. These durable doors are constructed with a 80mm face and 70mm depth to ensure a secure and reliable fit for any home. The door’s design can be customized with various styles of glazing and hardware as well as various designs ranging from traditional to modern.

This M-rated 65mm-high aluminium threshold is perfect for doorways and entrances as it offers increased solidity and robustness. Not only is it suitable for disabled access, but its dual compatibility with profile designs make it a fine substitution for traditional uPVC frames, and it can adjust to any size and shape of composite door.

Hardware Options

Our selection of handles and levers in multiple colors will help bring a contemporary and stylish feel to your home. From classic chrome to satin silver, you’ll find the right option to fit your space. Accentuate your look with our gold-pad handles, gold, white chrome and black hinges to create a polished and coordinated style. Our composite door handles complement each piece perfectly to give you the desired effect.

Our selection of stylish and modern handles, levers, and other accessories offer a range of colors to match any style. From satin silver, classic chrome, and deep black finishes, to gold pad handles, gold, white chrome, and black hinges, our collection will give your entryway a sleek, modern look, or a glamorous, eye-catching design that is sure to stand out.

Colour Options

At Gillingham Homes, customers have the opportunity to set the tone for their entire home with a selection of window frames, sashes, colors, materials, and finishes. From classic and modern to traditional, window options are plentiful and may be tailored to any desired look. An array of features are available, so customers can create a custom window that will wow visitors.

Low Maintenance

A cloth should be used to quickly clean composite doors and give them a pristine look. Only a tiny amount of oil should be applied to the hinges occasionally. The robust aluminum exterior of these doors requires very little care, if any at all.

Energy Efficient

Composite doors boast exceptional insulation because of their energy efficient makeup; the U-value of these doors can range from 1.2 to 1.8, depending on the style and glazing chosen.

Accessory Options

Choose from a variety of classic urn knockers, spy holes, and other decorative details to personalize the perfect door for your Gillingham home. Our extensive selection of accessories gives you the perfect opportunity to make your door uniquely yours.

Thermally Efficient

At Elite Fascias, our advanced materials and technologies make our composite doors the ideal choice for homes in Gillingham. Our doors offer exceptional insulation to help you combat cold seasons and reduce your energy bills. In addition, you’ll benefit from increased strength and security, as well as the low-maintenance of the door. Enjoy maximum comfort and peace of mind with our innovative door solutions.

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Ultimate Security

Gillingham homeowners can trust in the unbeatable security provided by composite doors. These doors come equipped with a sophisticated five-point locking system and a bump-, drill-, and pick-resistant cylinder, helping to provide the best possible safety for your household. Boasting the Secured by Design certification, the quality and dependability of composite doors have been tested to the highest standard. Created using resilient materials, composite doors are among the most reliable and secure solutions currently available on the market.

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Enjoy a Peaceful Home

Residents living in a busy area of Gillingham may find that a composite door is the perfect selection for their needs. Not only does this secure and insulated door offer noise reduction and energy conservation, but it also creates a calmer atmosphere at night, leading to lower energy costs. The numerous advantages of the composite door render it a great solution for many.

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Composite Door Prices, Gillingham and the Surrounding Areas

Transform your home with Elite’s composite doors. Our services are available across the Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset region, including the stylish uPVC back doors. Enter the measurements of your home into our quoting engine to receive an accurate and competitive no obligation estimate on your new composite doors.

If you’re not sure which style of door is the ideal choice for your Gillingham home, get in touch today or check out our range of fantastic options. We can offer a free no obligation consultation and we will never ask for a deposit for speaking to our experienced team of installers and customer service professionals.


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